surface qualities

Form and Function

MonoPan® is offered in different surface qualities, depending on the exact customer’s application and usage. Due to the highly automated continuous production process very homogenous high quality surfaces are achieved.

Standard surface quality

Unpainted / Natural White (Type O/O)

surface quality MonoPan natural

As a standard MonoPan® panels are supplied with an unpainted natural white surface quality. This surface shows a light regular honeycomb surface structure, similar to a golf-ball. Panels with unpainted natural white surfaces are translucent.



Further optional surface qualities are:

Pre-Painted/Primered (Type G/O)

surface MonoPan  primered

If MonoPan® should be painted in specific custom colours, others than white, we recommend to choose the surface quality with one side primered.
This will also be the best choice in case decorative surface films should be attached afterwards or in case large areas for gluing connections are required.

Datasheet Painting MonoPan



Painted (Type U/O)

Oberfläche MonoPan lackiert

MonoPan® panels could be supplied painted on one side in white according to RAL 9010. This quality is suitable as a finished paint and provides additional UV-resistance to the panel surface.



Unpainted / Black (Type B/B)

Oberfläche MonoPan schwarz

There is also an option for providing MonoPan® panels equipped with a black coloured surface structure. Due to the glass fibre content the surface will, however, not be appearing 100% homogenuously black.
This type is typically used for some specific packaging solutions or interior design elements.



Anti-slip Surface (Type X/B)

Oberfläche MonoPan Anti-slip Surface

On request we can supply MonoPan® in black colour with an anti-slip surface on one face. This quality is used as interior flooring material suitable for pedestrian traffic as well as for outdoor applications such as platforms and scaffolding.



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